Building the Change we Need Together

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Working with you, for a change.

I believe that the most important function of a legislator is to listen to the voices and concerns of the entire community that they serve.  Your officials should be out engaging you directly and not waiting for their office phone to ring.  This requires providing as many opportunities as possible to solicit residents’ opinions and feedback, and I feel that this is sorely lacking in District 46.  I am a renter and educator who has accepted no PAC, corporate, or special interest money.  My goal is to listen to all citizens, businesses, and interests on equal footing.  District 46 is incredibly diverse ethnically, economically, and culturally.  Only by being willing to listen and work with the entire legislature will we avoid mediocre, ineffectual outcomes.  I am running to be a servant leader for everyone in our large, remarkable, and diverse district.



Growing up in poverty in a small southern town blessed Lanira with a deep sense of community and the ability to overcome difficult situations. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was in high school. She had to sit and listen to health organizations tell her that they would not give her mother the high quality life saving treatment she needed because of her lack of insurance.  So Lanira worked two jobs and set up long term payment plans as she demanded that her mother receive proper treatment. Lanira took her mother to radiation in the mornings before school and picked her up during lunch. After school she would go home and feed her before she went to work. At one point in her high school career she had to stop attending school because her mother needed full time care.  Once her mother was in recovery she demanded that Lanira return to school so that she could have a better life. Lanira graduated high school and started on the daunting task of navigating a higher education system that no one in her family had experienced before.

She is a first generation college graduate and holds a BA in Mass Communications from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, an MS in Political Communication from North Carolina State University, and an MA in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from California State University, Northridge.

Lanira moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago driven to serve students in underprivileged communities of Los Angeles.  Teaching and serving as an administrator in different neighborhoods in Los Angeles made her realize how drastic the disparities are. This reality further provokes her to fight for equal opportunities for all.

Lanira was elected to the Panorama City Neighborhood Council and serves as its Treasurer.  This position has reinforced in her just how critical local engagement from community members is to our government and our neighborhoods.  Lanira would take her experience and her respect for your individual voice along with her to the Assembly.  She will fight for our fair share of resources and build valuable coalitions of support to ensure that District 46 moves forward.



  • Homelessness

  • Education

  • Medicare For All

  • Police and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Campaign Finance Reform

  • Reducing market entry barriers for small businesses